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  1. Il 30.01.2017 in 09:18 , docgalileo ha scritto:

    In particolare leggi in fondo a pagina 9 del paper: if it were correct that the employment situation can be enhanced by cutting working hours (job-sharing, shorter workweek) or by lowering participation (early retirement schemes), one could expect to find working hours and labour market participation inversely related to the employment rate. Again, no such relationship can be detected in the data of Table 2.1


    I always said that the work must be 7 hours, cut into 2 parts for 3 hours. That`s why I quite from my previous work for 10 hours woking day. I`m tired of that. I better play bitcoin raffle at home will have a free time on my family. It rather better than work and I don`t know why I have to waste so much time on a work, where I don`t get anything good except of salary.

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