È questo il sub da chiedere sull'apprendimento della musica?

Ehi, vorrei fare musica ma non sono riuscito a imparare la chitarra e il piano. Quindi ho pensato che forse ukele? È uno strumento più semplice. Vorrei solo fare un suono per cantare insieme a ...

Qualche suggerimento per favore?

Grazie :-)

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I have been reading and playing music for several years now, but have only partaken in a surface understanding of how this all works. I have worked with treble clef, and have a fairly loose understanding of many major and many minor scales. However, I would like to understand theory at an advanced level, but don't really know where to start. I know that chords, minor seconds and major thirds, as well as fifths and octaves exist, but I barely understand any of these. Which books should I read? What should I know, at least to start? What are some things that may be important but not covered by many/most sources? Any other advice or explanations? Any and all *** i https://vlc.onl/s very much appreciated!  Tweakbox  Appvalley


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