Is cricket too complicated to become popular ?

What I've noticed so far is cricket needs too many rules and specific conditions to be played at an International level. It requires lots and lots of gear which turns the game into a rich man's sport. The pitch and the ball cannot tamper or it'll have effects on the game. A good old rain can wash out an important game (*coughs* World Cup *Coughs*).Apart from England, no other cold countries have the following of the game because the game is almost unplayable for the common mass in these places. Not to forget the length of the games (apart from T20), nobody has the time to sit on the couch all day/whole week for a game. All popular games like Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball have a duration of 2-4 hours which is a more ideal watch time for the viewer.


What are your thoughts and how can ICC make cricket more popular around the world?

EDIT: Removed baseball from the list of popular games, well, because it is popular only in a few countries and not globally.

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