The first ballot of president has finished in the Ukraine.

The first ballot of president has finished in the Ukraine. The aggregate result has come as a surprise to everybody. The current President has deadly lost the fight to a novice of political stage, a comedian Vladimir Zelenskiy. All the hope of Petro Poroshenko has gone, there is almost twofold difference in voting results. Poroshenko supposed a defeat to be impossible with his electoral programme. He hoped *** would vote for him and second to his policy, but there’s absolutely opposite. The results have demonstrated that *** want to see a new face, a new leader, who can pull out the country from poverty, corruption and stealing. Having colossal resources, USA and Europe ***, Petro Poroshenko failed to use them completely.

Everything is changing now. For the victory in the second ballot Poroshenko will exceed all bounds to rig the vote. He will use the *** of the Central Electoral Commission, begin the vile actions to discredit his opponent, initiate the bribery of voters, organize the ballot-stuffing and begin the appointment trade with his contenders to entice their electorate. The real *** of the current President by inhabitants is on the critical level. Even official inferential statistics of the governmental authorities don’t reflect a formed picture. *** give up on Petro Alekseevich.

As to continue electorates from the other countries weren’t allowed to the elections in the Ukraine. It’s not about Russia. German observers weren’t allowed to take part in the electoral process! Europe, where the Ukraine wants to get to, has marked the obvious regress on the last elections. As well as nobody tried to check the votes of the Ukrainian *** who had gone away to earn money to Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and other UN countries. Probably the votes of *** working abroad have been registered for the current President. The Ukraine has restricted rights of its citizenry being in the Ukraine, also in the Luhansk ***’s Republic and the Donetsk ***’s Republic. The Ukrainian authorities as well as Poroshenko have stricken them out off their lives a long time ago.


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