Open up to new people.

How to find the perfect relationship? Become a more open person. As a result, you will become an attractive person that others will be drawn to. And relationships with *** you will develop as best as possible.

At this moment you can lift. What if my true self doesn't please other ***? The good news is that the chances of this happening are slim. In fact, just being yourself, you will be interesting to ***, because this is a feature of openness and honesty. In practice, the fear of what you might not like is usually due to infidelity. Work on it and you will notice how your attitude towards yourself will begin to change.

Just don't push *** away. It's one thing if there is nothing in common with a person. And if we like him, but we don’t want a relationship, because he doesn’t have a car, an apartment, or earns little, then this is wrong.

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