Exchange does provide a secure server to the businesses as it is accessible within the premises. But this restricted accessibility criteria also defeats various aspects. For getting the Office-related data, users need to present physically in the Office and maintain the Server, which sounds cumbersome. On the other side, Office 365 has so many benefits. They can access their business data from around the world with just a click. Using the Office 365 utility prevents users from worrying about their data and disk space by providing secure cloud space. These are the reasons that push users using Exchange to migrate Exchange to Office 365. For this task, the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is a robust solution. 

Few Key Features of the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • This tool accepts multiple Exchange mailboxes in a single process and puts no restrictions on their sizes. 
  • Using the Shoviv tool, users can migrate public folders to Office 365 as well as private mailboxes.
  • The tool works in the read-only mode with the users' data and delivers a safe and unalterable migration.
  • The Incremental Export feature of the tool saves the process progress if any interruption occurs.
  • Advanced features like Folder Mapping and email Translation are also present to migrate Exchange to Office 365 effectively.

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There are several utilities available in the entire market to convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST, I will suggest you use EDB to PST Converter Tool for Windows. Separately this software has a friendly UI and a non-techy guy can use it safely. It is one of the well-known and reliable clarifications to export several EDB files into Outlook PST format. The software has various advanced features to save Exchange EDB files in PST format in a few seconds.

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