Why is remote work becoming more and more popular?

1) You no longer need to spend several hours a day to get to work. You get more free time to spend on yourself. There are also no travel expenses, which will significantly replenish your budget, especially if you used to get to work by car.

2) You become more free, it becomes possible to independently plan your day. If you need to go to the store or leave on other matters, you no longer need to ask your superiors for leave, you only obey yourself.

3) It becomes possible to change the city or even the country, you are no longer tied to a specific place. If you have long dreamed of moving to another place, then remote work will allow you to do this.

4) The level of self-organization increases, since your earnings directly depend on this. You will become more efficient in managing your time, because now there is no need to sit in the office from 9 to 18 and wait for the end of the working day;

5) You get complete freedom of movement, it becomes possible to travel and work at the same time;

6) You no longer need to communicate with colleagues that irritate you, only you determine the circle of your communication remotely;

7) It becomes possible to work in the clothes that are comfortable for you, there is no need to follow a certain dress code;

8) The level of your salary depends only on you, you no longer need to beg for a bonus or increase from your superiors.

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It seems to me that restoring at the same place of work is not at all relevant now, since for example I had similar attempts, but in the end, on the advice of my friend, I just found an excellent remote job on one of the coolest and free portals. Every specialist now has such an opportunity, of course, if you are a creative person with a good education.

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Yep it's so true that remote work is becoming very popular, even after all the COVID restrictions have been listed in my country, I am still working 100% from home. I love working from home because it means I get to have the TV on while I work. I enjoy watching sport while working, and will watch all the NBA games possible!

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