Why Need to Merge vCard or VCF Files into One?

VCF files simplify the process of sharing contacts from one device to another. However, managing multiple VCF files can be a problem, especially if you have a large number of files. The VCF card or file plays a major role in personal and professional use. But managing too many vCard files becomes a problem for users. So, there are a few situations where users want to merge multiple VCF files into one due to security issues. Some of these are listed below:

  • It is easy to manage contacts locally using the vCard file format.
  • A faster way to exchange contact information compared to using other traditional business cards.
  • Users can open it and view it with a text editor as a notepad.

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Manual Method of Merging Multiple VCF Files

If you want to use the manual method, follow the steps outlined below.


  • Step 1- First you need to copy all the VCF files you want to merge
  • Step 2- Then open Command Prompt and type cmd and press the Enter option
  • Step 3- Now you need to go to the folder where all your VCF files are stored
  • Step 4- Now type the command as written below

Here all your VCF files are merged into one file. The merged file is named all_in_one.vcf. But users do face disturbance while merging the VCF files while following the manual method. These disturbances can be:

  •  Not a direct method of merging
  •  Users can not merge the files in bulk
  • Not an automated solution
  • A good interface is not provided by the tool

Thus, let us move to the easy and convenient solution for merging the VCF files.

Automated solution for merging multiple VCF files

The manual method of this process requires constant monitoring of users. But there is another solution where VCF integration can be done automatically.

VCF Merge Tool is the best tool to separate VCF Files from multiple contacts and convert multiple vCard files into a single file that allows users to preview all the contents of these vCard files. This program can filter the VCF file contacts of most contacts by date, size, or alphabetical order. In addition, it supports every single version of VCF files. This application works on all versions of Windows OS. The steps to merge the vCard files using this advanced tool are also very simple to be followed. Below are the steps provided;

  • Step 1- Install the Merge VCF tool in your Windows OS
  • Step 2- Launch the app
  • Step 3- Add any amount of VCF files that you want to merge
  • Step 4- Preview all your VCF files
  • Step 5- Browse the location for saving the merged file
  • Step 6- At last click on the “Merge Now” button

Amazing features of the tool

Here are some of the advanced features that are provided by the tool for an easy merging of the VCF files

  • Merge Multiple VCF Files into One- All contacts for vCard files can be found in a single VCF file. It is a powerful function that can combine multiple vCard files into one file without suffering or losing one contact data.
  • Merge Selected vCard Files - The software provides a Checkbox option where users can select or deselect multiple VCF files to convert multiple VCF files into one easily. The software is designed in an easy-to-use way that does not require any technical knowledge to perform the process.
  • keeps all contact data secure after integration- Software is able to store all contact information such as Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, etc. solid after compiling multiple VCF files.

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Final Words

Try the advanced VCF or vCard Merger software to merge your VCF files reliably. The application is easy to be used and can be handled even by a novice user. Users without any kind of hurdle are able to perform the merging of the VCF files. Try the free demo version of the tool to know more about the application.

Visit at :  https://www.osttopstapp.com/csv-to-vcard.html

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Il 5/18/2022 in 12:50 , pipehasmith ha scritto:

Puoi unire più file VCF in uno solo. Quindi suggerisco il software VCF Merge. Questo software unisce più file VCF in un unico file VCF. Unisci i dati VCF, copia o sposta il contenuto da più file di archivio VCF in un file VCF selezionato o crea un nuovo file VCF.

Visit at :  https://www.wholeclear.com/merge/vcard/


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Il 5/18/2022 in 12:50 , pipehasmith ha scritto:

You can merge multiple VCF files into one. So I suggest VCF Merge software. This software merges multiple VCF files into one VCF file. Merge VCF data, copy or move content from multiple VCF archive files to a selected VCF file, or create a new VCF file.

Visit at :  https://www.wholeclear.com/merge/vcard/


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To join multiple VCF files into one, a wide range of techniques are offered on the internet. However, one of the finest third-party options for merging multiple VCF files into a single Vcard file is the Softaken Merge vCard Tool. Users of this utility can also choose the necessary VCF files for merging. Before beginning the merging process, the software displays a live preview of all VCF files, including business email, business telephone, home phone number, etc. It can offer a free trial pack to all users so they can check out how it works.

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