What are the disadvantages of online dating?

The main property of the Internet is the ability to create any image for any person. As mentioned above, we can be sincere and more open than we allow ourselves in real life. But we can also create an illusion and make a person believe in it.

Some notorious *** use Internet platforms in order to play a role that in reality they are not destined to have. For example, a shy man can act like a narcissistic macho, and a timid teenage girl can act like a Hollywood diva. A partner can lie to you about his origin, earnings, family, and you will not have any way to convict him of a lie.

But even if you are open with each other, communicating on the Internet, no one can guarantee that your sympathy will not dissipate during a real meeting. Friendships are easier here. If *** have common interests and friendly sympathy online, then most likely they will converge in reality. But *** attraction is a much more subtle matter. Everything is important here: facial expressions, gait and especially smell. And all this we can not feel on the Internet. Of course, video conferencing programs can *** a little. But with reality, where it is possible to immediately understand whether this person attracts us or not, they cannot be compared.

Among other things, you can become a victim of deception or manipulation. For example, a huge number of dishonorable men and women are looking for a new sponsor on the network, hiding behind words about great love. And so on. Women are in even greater danger because of their physical weakness. Therefore, it is highly recommended to conduct first dates exclusively in crowded places.

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Is it possible to love both a man and a woman at once? At first, my sister was sure that she had become a ***, because she couldn't even look at men after being harassed by her boss. A lot of time has passed and it turned out that she likes both sexes. Here lesbiemates.com a cool service for online video dating, created for the convenience of users.

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