Does the right win? Yes, because the majority of Italians are fascists inside but do not recognize themselves and alas they deny it .... and I have always said it but today this writing also comforts me ...

"Fascism suits Italians because it is in THEIR NATURE and contains their aspirations, exalts their HATE, reassures their INFERIORITY. Fascism is demagogic but bossy, rhetorical, xenophobic, hater of cultures, contempt for freedom and justice, oppressor of the weak, servant of the strong, always ready to indicate in the "others" the causes of his impotence or defeat. Fascism is lyrical, gerontophobic, hooligan if necessary, always stupid, but brisk, plagiarist, mannerist. He does not love nature, because https://19216801.onl/ identifies nature in country life https://routerlogin.uno/, that is, in the life of servants; but he is a peasant, that is, he has the arrogance of an enriched servant. He hates animals, has no sense of art, does not like solitude, nor respects his neighbor, 'besides, she doesn't respect him.



He does not love love, but possession. It has no religious sense, but sees religion as the bulwark to prevent others from coming to power. Intimately he believes in God, but as an entity with which he has established an agreement, do ut des. He is superstitious, he wants to be free to do what he likes, especially if to the detriment or annoyance of others. the FASCIST is WILLING to EVERYTHING as long as he is granted that he is the MASTER, the father " (quoted by Ennio Flaiano) Because you are a communist Not necessarily but I am DEFINITELY ANTI-FASCIST All ideas must be respected. Fascism no, it is the DEATH of all ideas


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