What is flirting?

Flirting in your own words is a certain manner in the behavior of a person who wants to draw your attention to himself.
The movements are smooth, the look is hazy, the voice is languid or, on the contrary, cheerful and sharp. Whatever the manifestations of flirting, they are easily recognizable.


Everything is simple — there is a desire to interest. For the most part, this is a manifestation of sexuality. This is how *** make it clear that they are ready for closer communication after the preliminary games.

A synonym of the verb to flirt is "to flirt". A game for adults. Not everyone knows how to "play" beautifully, sometimes this skill is missing, so this action looks obvious: stupid and a little funny, but, as they say,it's better to do and regret than not to try.

Often flirting does not manifest itself intentionally, *** sometimes have this usual behavior, a simple and everyday manner of communication, usually with the opposite ***. Antics, smiles, pronunciation of words in a diminutive form, all these are the first signs of flirting.

Men also often flirt, and if they do it, then very skillfully. They turn on the charm to the maximum, their eyes burn and simply enveloping the interlocutor in velvet lace of compliments, they dissolve her in their attention. Do not forget about the actions of course: the chair will move, the door to the car will open, the hand will give, etc.

3 varieties are identified:

Flirting as a manner of behavior.
Flirting of expressing emotions to the object of adoration.
Flirting to solve any important cases (in your own interests).
Let's denote some signs:

A person behaves confidently, impressively, and can obviously show his shyness, lower his eyes or roll them up.

Clear speech, the focus of attention is focused exclusively on the object of interest, even if there are a lot of *** in the company.

Asks questions that allow you to direct the conversation in the direction he (or she) needs.

A smile, biting of the lips.

Do not forget about gestures (actions): approached (las), gave (la) a hand, an object.

Body language can also say a lot: he touches himself for the exposed parts of the body (neck, nose), corrects his hair. The touch is light.

All these things will *** to recognize exactly flirting, and not just refined manners.


For the most part, this is an innate quality. But nothing is impossible, more practice, trial and error, and you are a "Pickup Guru".

It is not difficult for an *** to guess that flirting is not for the modest and apparently flirting of this nature can give a similar continuation. Therefore, if you want to hint to a person about a decent relationship in the future, you should not be so zealous, a frank smile and eye contact are enough — this applies to both men and women.

The weaker *** is recommended a priori to behave more modestly, but it all depends on your emancipation, temperament and the desired end result.

You can also find social videos of similar content on the Internet. This will allow you to clearly see what is happening, in different formats and situations, which may be useful to some in the future. View as many stories as possible, analyze, try to use


Some elements of behavior for a successful flirtation, which is worth thinking about:

Although clothing is not the main aspect in this talent, nevertheless, everything should be fine in a person, a perfectly matched wardrobe will simplify any task. You do not need to dress too openly, think over your image and emphasize it with a bright accent, for example, a wide leather belt or a neckline. The main thing is that the emphasis should be on one thing — this is important.

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