Recommendations for a color printer for stickers

Hello, fellow sticker creators!

I've had my sticker shop for a few weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed the process and am extremely pleased! However, even with new cartridges (!!! ), my printer recently started printing lines and/or tiny white dots across my stickers, and a few days ago it started printing color outside of the design's own borders :( I was told to replace the printhead, but my printer's cartridges come with that, so they're all brand new with brand new cartridges, so that's out. I have an HP OfficeJet 3830 printer that is approximately 5 years old.

To cut a long storey short, I'm in the market for a new printer. I'm new to this and want to invest in a good, but not overly expensive printer. My budget is around $200, so a printer that costs between $100 and $150 or even less would be ideal. I'm trying to save money so that when my shop grows bigger, I can buy a Cricut/Silhouette machine.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

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